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Pallet Racking in Melbourne

If you are considering a new or used pallet racking in Melbourne, welcome to Able Storage System for a wide range of cost-effective pallet rack shelving for different types of businesses. We understand the essence of selecting the right industrial racking system that best suits your purpose. To ensure you achieve the maximum benefits from the right selection, you will have to take several factors into consideration:

  • What is the intended use?
  • Have you got any floor plan for your warehouse?
  • How much weight does the pallet rack can hold?
  • Is there any restriction to factor in?
  • Whether you need the new or the second-hand pallet shelving options?

Having 40 years of experience in custom designing, supplying, and installing warehouse pallet shelving operations, our team at Able Storage Systems is here to work with you to answer all these questions and help you with the right type of racking you need for your business growth. As an industry leader, we are committed to providing you with the best value for your money.

Our new and second hand pallet for sale have set a benchmark in the shelving industry. We are a trusted name for providing outstanding storage solutions for your storerooms and warehouses. Our products come with premium quality features and are designed for optimum performance for almost all sizes warehouse shelving and retail shelving.

Our Pallet Racking Product Range

We provide a comprehensive range of pallet storage products that comply with the Australian standards and we are the proud supplier of Colby racking to Melbourne businesses. Our pallet storage racking options include:

You can consider long span shelving as an integral component of a more comprehensive pallet storage racking system to further improve the logistics management and warehouse safety. It maximises your warehouse space for easy industrial organisation, new materials handling, and improves business efficiency.

How Our Pallet Racking Can Improve Your Business Productivity

Introducing our high-quality Colby pallet racking in Melbourne warehouses or storage facilities can revolutionise your operations in the following ways:

Only premium materials are used to construct our pallet storage racking systems. Known for mindful designs and compliance with all safety standards of Australia, you will experience the peace of mind knowing your storage products are in safe care.

The correct installation of pallets in right position provides incredible space-saving potential. It increases the storage capacity of your warehouse, and this extension will improve the overall output.

Able Storage is a market leader in supplying a complete range of cantilever racking systems for easy access to bulky goods. We also provide an extensive range of cantilever racking systems.

The vertical nature of the equipment provides greater ease in operations for your employees and staff. Perfect installation in right the position helps promote efficient work with commonplace logistics equipment. It also allows your staff to work smarter and faster, without any added exertion.

It is a cost-effective investment that straightens up the storage process and operations of your business warehouse. At Able Storage Systems, we are committed to offering our products at the most competitive prices possible in the industry to make your storage solutions within your reach.

We undertake the installation of new Colby pallet racking storage solutions. We can also relocate your current racking system to another location. We are known for working with state-of-the-art Colby technology. We stock and install Colby pallet racking products.

Why Choose Able Storage - Pallet Racking Systems

Able Storage Systems is renowned for providing practical, and Worksafe approved shelving systems with an on-site safety inspection to ensure the safety of your warehouse staffs and employees. We supply an extensive range of cost-effective pallet storage racking options to maximise warehouse space, assessment, and productivity.

Some of the standards that make us different from the crowd when it comes to a quality storage solution are:

  • Custom Australian designed and engineered shelving systems
  • 40 years of industry experience and expertise
  • WorkSafe approved products and advice
  • Fast installation
  • Quality products from the reputed and trusted suppliers of Australia

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We are the trusted name in custom designing, supplying, and installation of pallet racks with a wealth of 40 years of industry experience. Our thorough on-site safety inspection, product testing and development process ensures that all our products are in perfect compliance with the Australian industry standard for a loyal consumer base.

For more information on our products and services, call today on (03) 9305 3676, or you can visit our showroom at 275A Rex Road, Campbellfield Vic. 3061 to see the smart storage solution in action. You can use the enquiry form to contact us.