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Are you looking for an extremely flexible shelving system for easy storage and access to long, over-sized, irregular shaped, and bulky goods in your warehouse? As a leading supplier of cantilever racking in Melbourne, Able Storage provides an extensive range of cantilever shelving systems as a versatile solution to all types of light-duty, and heavy-duty racking system needs with its flexible features.

Consisting of a column, base, arms, and bracing, cantilever provides a flexible means of racking system that can be easily modified and configured based on your requirements. Correct design and installation of cantilever pallet racking improves access, increases available vertical space, reduces handling time, and enhances the productivity of your warehouse. It provides an ideal solution to the extra-long goods or items that is generally difficult to palletized.

Major Advantages Of Cantilever Pallet Racking

Cantilever shelving storage is one of the most cost-effective warehouse options for many warehouses across Australia. It’s the best means to prevent structural damage to products and helps in business growth. Some of the primary advantages of Cantilever Pallet Racking are:

  • It provides a heavy-duty, racking solution for maximum capacity, support, and strength.
  • It provides secure storage of awkward-sized items like pipes, timber, and long-span goods that are difficult to palletised.
  • It’s ideal for the safe storage of all types of light-duty and heavy-duty products.
  • It suits all types of indoor and outdoor requirements.
  • It caters to the needs of various industries, including plumbing, construction, steel, aluminium, furniture manufacturers, and garden suppliers.

Accessories Used For Cantilever Shelving

The following accessories are used in cantilever to maximises the efficiency and productivity of your warehouse:

  • Shelves and storage trays
  • Struts and bracing for additional strength
  • Divider pins
  • Guards and end stops
  • Signs (load, identification, location, safety, and much more.)

Why Choose Our Cantilever Racking in Melbourne

If you are wondering how choosing our pallet racking product can be the best decision to benefit your facility, here are some reasons how our cantilever racking systems can be the best storage solution for your warehouse:

Easy To Configure And Install

Our cantilever system comes with two side arms, and an I-beam placed over the arms without shelf. It does not require labour handling charges or any external bracing. You can easily install and uninstall it, saving your time and additional costs.

Enhances Warehouse Safety

It increases warehouse safety in several ways:

  • Eliminates accidents caused by tripping as it gets off the warehouse floor.
  • Minimises injury risk caused by manoeuvring products in a small area and bumping into people.


The powder coating finish makes it very tough, durable, and user-friendly under extreme working conditions. You can choose from medium to heavy-duty cantilever racks based on your storage requirements. It does not require difficult manoeuvring, and you can handle the lightweight loads manually or by using trucks or forklifts.

Best Utilisation Of The Available Storage Space

Materials like lumber and tapestries can take up more space when stored on the floor. Cantilever racking helps in freeing up the floor space and store the items in bulk in the most organised way. The shelves use vertical spaces, allowing you to store numerous products and access them easily.

Specialty Of Our Cantilever Racking System

Cantilever shelving does not require fixing to walls for stability. It is capable of withstanding everyday stress and loads ranging from 3800mm to even greater. Following are some of the specialties of our cantilever pallet racking that makes our product different from the crowd:

  • The modular components and adjustable arms give an economical solution for storing the long, odd-sized products.
  • It can be galvanised for outdoor storage requirement.
  • It is a self-supporting system that does not require to be hung on the building wall for stability.
  • Our cantilever arms are available with a number of accessories, including steel plank stops, end stops, spool holders, etc.
  • We supply ground guidance rails to prevent racking damage and protect your goods.
  • Available in three different strengths – light, medium and heavy-duty – makes it suitable for holding all types of light items like plastic tubes to the heavy packs of metal sheets.
  • We provide various type of single-sided and double-sided cantilever system to suit your storage requirements. The single-sided option is ideal for placement along the wall, whereas double-sided cantilevers can be used along the aisles of the warehouse.

Other than cantilever, we also offer second hand pallet, shelving storage, drive-in pallet racking and more. To know more in detail about our product, please browse website.

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