Warehouse Safety Products

Able Storage is an industry expert who has provided comprehensive warehouse safety solutions in Melbourne, Victoria, and all over Australia for over 40 years. Our safety solution is a very efficient medium for protecting your stock, equipment and people in the warehouse.

We prioritise safety in each of our services whether it is a product design, engineering, manufacturing, on-time delivery, or installation.

Our comprehensive OHS system has made ColbyRACK accredited to the AS/NZS 4801 occupational health and management system standards specification and the OHSAS 18001 occupational health and safety management system specification.

Wide Range Of Safety Products

Some of our best-selling safety products include:

Corner Guards and Racking Protections

Even the best forklift drivers have accidental collisions with racking. While worst-case scenarios involving a rack collapse are rare, impact damage weakens the racking structure, compromising its load carrying capacity and potentially putting both property and life at risk. Colby’s range of rack protection products include end-of-aisle guards, Colby’s Protect-a-Rack upright protector, and the newly introduced Rear Upright Protector.

Safety Signs

The safety signs ensure that rack is NOT over loaded and is being used properly in accordance with AS 4084:2023.

Barriers and Bollards

Our barriers and bollards are considered to be an important part of warehouse safety as they effectively protect staff members, stock, and equipment. They help in maintaining the structural integrity of your wide range of pallet racking systems. It also helps in maintaining the safety of your staff.

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