Cantilever Racking – Melbourne & Australia-Wide

Maximise your storage space safely and efficiently with quality cantilever racking systems

Having worked with a wide range of commercial and industrial businesses over the last 40 years, Able Storage is the leader in warehouse storage solutions that are effective and affordable.

A popular form of industrial storage shelving, cantilever racking is a cost effective and safe storage system that is used for items that are long and not traditional in shape, such as packs of piping, steel tubes and timber packets.

Dependent on your space requirements, our cantilever systems can be single sided and double-sided. The single sided cantilevers are ideal for placement along a wall. The double sided cantilevers can be used along aisles of your warehouse.

Why implement a cantilever racking system for your application?

  • Safe storage of long and odd-shaped items
  • Lightweight and flexible in design
  • Inclined holding arms are adjustable so you can easily alter the system to suit your needs
  • Suitable for all types of materials including plastic, metal, cloth and more.

Based in Campbellfield,Melbourne, Able Storage supplies cantilever racking in Melbourne and Australia-wide. For more information on Able Storage’s range of cantilever racking systems for sale, please contact us to discuss your needs today.

Examples of Cantilever Racking