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Long Span Shelving

For a wide range of long-span shelving, Able Storage Systems can help you with what you require to fit any style of space in your Melbourne warehouse. This type of shelving storage is designed for mounting into even the smallest of spots available. It is ideal for work benches, as cabinets for holding boxes, accessories, archives, spare parts, or anything somewhat heavy.

The heavy-duty and light-duty shelving system, available in various sizes and dimensions that can fit into any area, allows for more organised and easier ways of managing different resources that you may have at your disposal.

You can make long span shelving as an integral component of a more comprehensive pallet racking system to further improve the logistics management and warehouse safety. It maximises your warehouse space for easy industrial organisation, new materials handling, and improves business efficiency.

We understand that managing inventories can be a challenging task if they are not well organised. Long span storage shelving is fast and straightforward to assemble, easily adjustable, and perfect for storing odd-shaped and bulky goods.

Retail And Commercial Use

All commercial and industrial establishments, warehouses and different types of items organisations can benefit from this type of systematised shelving system. It helps in the more efficient management of inventory/stock, goods, and other critical resources that drive your company’s bottom line. Your right investment in a robust beams shelving system can help to improve the bottom line of your organisation by creating a more durable platform to manage organisational resources.

For retail shop owners, long span racking system can improve the safety of workspace, products, and other rooms where they may need such types of shelving for proper organisation and easy access to goods. The retail shop owners can use this type of pallet racking cantilever to stack their objects easily and reclaim the precious floor space for other more meaningful shelf use.

Our Range Of Shelving Options

At Able Storage Systems, you can get a wide range of shelving sizes and designs based on your needs and budget. The loading limit varies depending on different beam sizes. The weight per load of the products to be stored generally impacts the overall size, length, level, and dimensions of the shelving beams.

Whether you are looking for rut steel shelving, locker & cabinet, part, boxes & bins, second hand racking storage, rack storage system, racking drive system, shelving long span, or need to upgrade your racking system by going double deep, you can rely on Able Storage Systems for the best possible solution to all your logistics organisation needs.

If you are not sure what features you may need to suit your purpose, give us a call, and let us help with our expert advice. We assist you in implementing a customised system to ensure the optimal use of space and efficiency – no matter what type of industry you work in.

Long Span Racking Dimensions

The most common dimensions available with Able Storage for long span shelving solution are:

Height Depth Width
1800 440 1050
2100 600 1200
2400 900 1350
3000 1200 1500

Why Trust Able Storage Systems

Able Storage is renowned for providing practical, and Worksafe approved shelving systems with an on-site safety inspection to ensure the safety of your employees. We supply an extensive range of cost-effective long span shelving storage to maximise storage space, assessment, and productivity of your warehouse.

Some of the traits that make us the first choice of Melbourne businesses when it comes to a quality storage solution are:

  • Custom Australian designed and engineered shelving systems
  • 40 years of industry experience and expertise
  • Worksafe approved products and advice
  • Fast installation
  • Quality products from the reputed and trusted suppliers of Australia

Second-Hand Garage Shelving In Melbourne

If you are looking for second-hand garage shelving, we have them in stock. The shelving systems are available at affordable prices. They are strong, durable, and available in good condition. We buy and sell second-hand storage units.

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