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Drive-In Racking Systems For Optimised Warehouse Operations

Are you searching for smart racking systems to optimise your warehouse operations and improve storage efficiency? Do you have fast-moving SKUs and want high-density storage solutions?

Welcome to Able Storage – the destination for tailored warehouse storage solutions.

We offer drive-in racking systems of Colby to maximise the storage capacity of warehouses. These drive-in pallet racking systems are designed to fit the needs of high-traffic warehouses with excellent versatility.

It can be your ideal racking option if you want maximum storage from minimal space – similar to selective pallet racking.

The Design Of Drive-In Racking Systems

The racking system uses ledges instead of beams for high-density pallet racking. The racks of the system are made up of a series of blocks of cantilevered brackets. Instead of cross beams, the racking system features side rails. The design of drive-in racking systems allows forklifts to go deep in the lane and pick up or deposit goods.

These racking systems are an excellent option for warehouses that follow LIFO (Last-In, First-Out) method. If you want a dense storage system where selectivity of the products is not a requirement, drive-in racking system is an ideal choice for your needs.

Advantages Of Drive-In Racking Systems

The pallet racking system provides many advantages in addition to warehouse space utilisation:

    • No need for leaving special forklift channels or aisles, and this increases the space utilisation.
    • An excellent choice for warehouses that handle cargo in various sizes as beam height can easily be adjusted based on the size of the goods.
    • Double-entry drive-in racking allows collection and deposit of cargo from both sides.
    • Unlimited storage depth – most drive-in racks are 6-8 pallets deep.
    • The compact manufacturing and simple design make the racking system a low-cost storage option per unit.
        If you choose double-entry racking systems, you can store your goods and retrieve them as per both FIFO and LIFO methods.

The Benefits Of Colby’s Racking System

The high manufacturing standards of Colby make the racking system extremely durable and convenient for high-traffic warehouse operations. With rigid uprights, heavy-duty floor channels, robust pallet runners, and innovative cantilever brackets, the racking system provides excellent load-carrying capacity.

Single-entry racking systems feature backstops at the end of the pallet runners to avoid the goods being pushed too far, minimising the risks of product damage and improving workplace safety. Additionally, the patented Colby Protect-a-Rack wraps that are fixed around the base of the uprights provide added protection by maximising the clear bay entry and minimising damage.

These racking systems are designed to achieve rigorous international structural standards by exceeding integrity, safety, and compliance requirements. The drive-in racking systems of Colby conforms the FEM 10.2.07 standard – the drive-in design code by the European Racking Federation.

With rack uprights in a range of depths, widths, and thickness, you have the option to choose these drive-in rack systems based on your specific storage needs.

Other than colby’s racking system, we also offer second hand pallet racking, shelving storage, and more. To know more in detail, please browse website.

Who Can Choose Drive-In Racking?

These racking systems are great for warehouses and industries that handle large quantities of homogenous products. The following industries find the racking system ideal for their storing needs:

        • Manufacturing
        • Food and beverage
        • Industries with cooler and freezer applications

Similar to cantilever racking, drive-in systems are designed for easy product storing and retrieval.

We Will Help You Optimise Your Storage Output

At Able Storage, we have a team of racking specialists and structural engineers to design and provide customised warehouse storage solutions. Our team will visit your warehouse, understand your specific needs, learn all the possibilities of your space, and design custom racking solutions.

No matter the type of racking system you want, we make a safety audit and analyse various risk factors to create a safe warehouse environment with our racking solutions. As a specialist for drive-in racking in Melbourne and throughout Australia, we consider various aspects of your warehouse or industrial space before designing your system. This includes your workflow, traffic movement, workplace safety issues, and more.

We will also evaluate the type of goods you store, the SKU count, the inventory ratio, occupancy rate, and available space for rack systems. Based on that, we decide the lane depth, the height of the racking system, the design of the racks, and more to provide you with the desired storage outcomes.

We will help you optimise your storage capacity, maximise the revenue, and achieve better control of your warehouse operations.

Additional Warehouse Services

At Able Storage, we offer a range of additional services to help our customers to make their warehouse operations safe and efficient.

Warehouse Audit

Our warehouse audit helps you to ensure the integrity of your racking systems and make them compliant with Australian Standard AS4084:2012. Our full warehouse audit includes a complete site inspection, detailed reporting, recommendations for safe storage practices, and conformation to the compliance as per the WHS standards.

We recommend all our customers to complete warehouse audit every 12 months for safe operations.

Traffic Management

We offer expert traffic management plans for warehouses to improve safety. Our team of warehouse management professionals will make a detailed inspection of your space, understand your needs and individual specifications, and create a floor traffic layout.

Through our traffic management service, we do not only minimise the risks of workplace accidents and safety issues but also improve your business performance by optimising your process flow.

Safety Products

We also offer a range of safety products and services, including line marking, barriers and bollards, and more. Through our solutions, we help you to ensure the safety of your workforce, equipment, and stock.

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