Colby Pallet Racking Melbourne

Able Storage Systems is a leading supplier of highly efficient pallet racking for warehouses. Our highly experienced, trained, and skilled staffs strive to find the perfect racking solution for your business. We remain up to date with the latest technology and knowledge to provide you with the best service and products possible in the industry. It helps in keeping us ahead of our competitors in the market.

At Able Storage Systems, we understand the value of your stocks. They are your business assets that need intelligent organisation and safe handling – a key requirement for increasing productivity and efficiency. The on-going viability and growth of your business depend on it.

Our wide range of shelving storage products and services intended to enhance the space of your warehouse so that you will not have to shift to a new location for your business. It will be not only a costly affair but also the waste of imperative operations time. Hence, choosing Able Storage Systems to install a new pallet shelving system in your storehouse is both time-saving and cost-effective option.

We are known for supplying Colby pallet racking systems. Colby is renowned for leading the industry with state-of-the-art technology and innovative storage solution in Australia. We stock and supply, high-quality, safe, and durable Colby racking for Melbourne businesses.   

Why Choose Colby Storage Solutions

Colby’s extensive range of warehouse shelving options includes pallet shelving, drive-in pallet racking, long span shelving, mini-load shelving, safety products, and many more. Designed for safety, strength, and durability, Colby storage solutions help in getting your products organised and free up valuable warehouse floor space.

  • Colby shelving storage products meet and surpass Australian standards that ensure consistent quality.
  • It has got 5-star accreditation from the National Safety Council of Australia.
  • It provides custom-designed and durable shelving solution that includes a modular approach for high flexibility.
  • Products are manufactured from high-quality steel.
  • Products are highly robust and have the capacity to withstand the pressure and stress of a busy warehouse environment.
  • Products are ideal for warehouse and retail installations and provide a storage-efficient storage solution.

Our Installation Process

We are happy to install or relocate your new Colby storage racking solution based on your requirements. Our experienced and trained team of staff can tailor a plan for the installation of the storage system without disturbing your business operations.

We communicate with our clients even after the completion of the installation process to ensure that the operation is running smoothly and that you are happy with our products and services. Our friendly team of expert technicians will come to your warehouse to install a highly efficient Colby warehousing storage system irrespective of the size of the task.

Why Partner With Able Storage Systems In Melbourne

Able Storage Systems is renowned for providing practical, and WorkSafe approved shelving systems with an on-site inspection to ensure the safety of your warehouse staffs and employees. We supply an extensive range of cost-effective pallet storage racking options to maximise warehouse space, assessment, and productivity.

Some of the standards that make us different from the crowd when it comes to a quality storage solution are:

  • Custom Australian designed and engineered shelving systems
  • 40 years of industry experience and expertise
  • Worksafe approved products and advice
  • Fast installation
  • Quality products from the reputed and trusted suppliers of Australia

Having 40 years of experience in custom designing, supplying, and installing warehouse pallet shelving operations across Melbourne, our team at Able Storage Systems is here to work with you at each step of your warehouse safety and shelving journey.

We will assist you in selecting the right type of racking system that best suits your business needs. As an industry leader, we focus on providing you with the best value for your money.

Call Us Today To Discuss Your Requirement

We are specialists in providing reliable, innovative, and durable storage systems for your warehouse, storehouse, and commercial office space. Our on-site safety inspection, product testing and development process ensures that all our products are in perfect compliance with the Australian industry standard for a loyal consumer base.

For more information on our range of Colby racking systems and services, call us today on (03) 9305 3676, or you can visit our showroom at 275A Rex Road, Campbellfield Vic. 3061 to see the smart storage solution in action. You can also use the enquiry form available online to contact us.