Racking Accessories



Safety Load Signage

Had WorkSafe through your premises lately? Safety load signs must be installed onto all pallet racking to show the maximum weight limits the racking can sustain. We can install these signs for you.



Corner Guards

Manufactured from heavy duty steel and installed onto the front of each upright, Protect-a rack upright protectors outrival the traditional steel and plastic protection systems through its unique innovative design and ease of installation.

Rack End Protectors

Protection of Pallet Racking ends are a must in areas of heavy traffic.


MantaMesh panels are ideal for non-standard pallets and small parts. They provide a more hygienic storage action than particle board as they allow dust to past through. MantaMesh panels are suitable for use in facilities where fire regulations are an issue. They are also beneficial in temperature controlled environments, particularly in coolrooms as the galvanised steel does not allow a build-up of condensation.

Particle Board